Eon | Part II


Regarding Eon | Part II

We are here to offer a completely oldschool focused server where all of you will be able to experience an original, exciting & fun gameplay. EON is clean server without any gameplay changing features. However you may notice some small changes made only to make your life easier and also make the server more enjoyable. We can ensure you as oldschool lovers that we made everything we could to offer the most oldschool gameplay possible but without all negative parts Silkroad had at this cap/time. Such servers are really more easy and relaxing to play since you don't have to break your mind understanding all the new features. You may think less new features/systems will make the server boring but we are all here because of silkroad and we were all enjoying silkroad as it was. Who doesn't enjoy jobbing, pvping, attacking fortress with his mates, partying up to kill uniques and get rewards, pimping his equipment, participating in CTF & BA? Just simple silkroad activities that can make a server really fun.

Update VER 3 / 28,09,2016

- Increased server slots to 3500.

- Fixed the gateway issue.

- Devil is now tradable.

- Decreased the max. stack of trade goods.

- Reduced the max. trade to 3*.

- Gender switch was re-added to item mall.

- Slightly increased the drop rate of stones and elixirs.

- Hotan SOM npc now has Moon shield as well.

- Medusa spawns every 8 hours now.

- Level 1 lucky powders price has been decreased to the normal value.

- Lucky scroll has been added to HWT uniques with a low rate.

Update Ver, 2 / 27,09,2016

- bear bug got fixed.

- Shield br and stats fixed.

- Lottery giveawy fixed.

- Title from the shop blackcompany got fixed.

- Database auto backup.

- balacing issue.

Update VER. 1 / 23.09.2016

- Fixed bear bug (was starting from level 90).

- Deleted all ballons.

- Balanced 9d equipment.

- Added repair npc to samarkand and constantinople.

- Reduced seal of haley treasure box drop rate.

- Sun equipment 9D are now tradeable.

- Balanced sos drop rate & normal items drop rate.

- All force cures now have a cooldown of 37 seconds.

- Chaotic Sword Dance Phy.Atk.Pwr increased from 940 ~ 1149 to 1160 ~ 1560.

- Ocean Blade Force added cooldown of 6seconds.

- Demon Blade Force added cooldown of 6 seconds.

- Thousand Army Chain Phy.Atk.Pwr increased from 940 ~ 1149 to 1090 ~ 1350.

- Lightning Chain Phy.Atk.Pwr increased from 913 ~ 1116 to 1060 ~ 1322.

- Twin Energy Smash Phy.Atk.Pwr increased from 940 ~ 1149 to 1057 ~ 1270.

- Ice Air Force Mag.Atk.Pwr increased from 819 ~ 1229 to 819 ~ 1443.

- Snow Storm - Multi Shot Mag.Atk.Pwr increased from 608 ~ 912 to 1100 ~ 1980.

- Snow Shield - Novice changed to 5%.

- Strong Bow Will crit increased from 15 to 23.

Server Stats

Server Status: ONLINE

Online Players: 164 / 1900



Exp & Sp:20x





Hwid Limit:2

Server Time


Capture The Flag: Every 1 Hour

Battle Arena: Every 2 Hours

Fortress Reg: 24/7 Except during fortress war time

Fortress War: Sunday - 8:30 PM

Fortress War

Jangan: 20% Tax BrazzerS

Available Supporter In Game

# Name Position
1 Gangster Supporter
2 LowKey Supporter
3 Valentina Supporter

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